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Episode 339 – SFGT | Nosleep – I found a coffin buried in my backyard [Part 3 & 4]

Episode 169

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#Nosleep Story: I found a coffin buried in my back Yard. There was a letter inside. [Part 3 & 4]
Author: r/Verastahl

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Topic: #Horror #Fiction #Nosleep

Slammed against a wall…and a sharp pain in his side has him wincing… Jarvis is no longer the man he once was in tonight’s continuation of “I found a coffin buried in my back yard. There was a letter inside” written by Today’s episde sees us finding out more about the #Gravekeeper and the predicament our protagonists find themselves in. Verastahl I’ve had listeners guessing – so far StarEve2099 and Devonte are the closest 😊 I’ve had spirit creature, or a demon. It could be?
Join me for a great #Nosleep story!
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 169