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Episode 340 – SFGT | I found a coffin buried in my backyard [FINALE]

Episode 170

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#Nosleep Story: I found a coffin buried in my backyard. There was a letter inside. [Part 5]
Author: r/Verastahl

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Topic: #Horror #Possession #Nosleep

We’ve learned more about the Gravekeeper, that this thing, this abomination of a human relishes in the terror and pain they bring whilst they murder their victims, and we no know that Ellison has encountered this kind of being before, and the screams of his ex-wife leave us cold, wondering her demise!
Welcome listeners to the finale of I found a coffin buried in my back yard. There was a letter inside. The ending is “rock solid” and possibly lead to even more stories down the track…so join me your brilliant people for something very different.
Join me for a great #Nosleep story!
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 170