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Episode 338 – SFGT | Nosleep – I found a coffin buried in my backyard. [Part 1 & 2]

Episode 168

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#Nosleep Story: I found a coffin buried in my back Yard. There was a letter inside.

Author: r/Verastahl


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Topic: #Horror #Fiction #Nosleep

A man whose life went off the rails is back on the track. His goals though to be the best father he can be, and have a fulfilling life with friends and family are about to be shaken to it’s very core upon the discovery of a black stone and a number of letters about a Gravekeeper. Welcome listeners to a five part story titled “I found a coffin buried in my back yard. There was a letter inside” written by Verastahl. This is has some explicit language, so please not for young ears. This story also covers sexual abuse so please, again, no young ears, albeit not detailed there is at least mention of it.
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