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479: Took up a Job as a Nightguard [Worst Decision Ever] NOSLEEP

Episode 313

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Took up a Job as a Nightguard. I shouldn’t have. [NOSLEEP] 💀

~ Never take a security job that smells fishy!



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Author: Boris Bacic


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Put yourself in this mans shoes for a minute. You have no job and are looking for money, you see an advert for a position you’d be happy to fill, and it pays quite handsomely for the work expected of it. Suspiciously handsome…but remember…you’re desperate…and in this desperation you perhaps choose…poorly. Listeners I bring you the tale: I took up a job as a night guard, I shouldn’t have, by Boris Bacic.
This is a tale that is shorter than my usual but like a match in the darkest of nights, it burns quickly, but burns oooh so brightly. In this episode I’m also including the Boris’s amazon book link, so please support the author if you can.
Enjoy your brilliant listeners! 😱

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Episode 313