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Episode 420 – SFGT | Why are Mirrors Creepy and Three Mirror Rituals

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Stories Fables Ghostly Tales: Why are Mirrors Creepy and Three Mirror Rituals
“Turning the comfortable into the uncomfortable is the hallmark of creepy”

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Welcome listeners to your episode all about mirrors. I started off last episode by sharing the Three Kings ritual, which sees the participant sitting in front of mirrors and enduring an unknown fate, with the mirrors showing them a variety of different narratives, experiences, good and bad, and in one case a fight within themselves, battling their thoughts to pick their path that will affect their future.

I moved into the Caputo strange-face apparition experiment and discussed how 100% of the participants witnessed their face changing when staring into mirrors under low light conditions. These visual hallucinations took place as quick as 1 minute into what is called mirror gazing. So what now? Well, today I’m going to discuss what makes mirrors so mysterious, strange, and unique, then, I’m going to move onto more ritual stories, all of which relate to mirrors.

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