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Episode 419 – SFGT | The Three Kings, Real Accounts, Mirror Gazing Experiment

Episode 249

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The Three Kings, Real Accounts, Mirror Gazing Experiment
“When you stare into the Abyss, the Abyss…stares back”

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Welcome listeners, today I’m going to be discussing the Three Kings Ritual. A ritual that means something different to every person that performs it, and always leaves people feeling different after finishing it, so today the topic is rituals, real accounts by those that completed them, and mirror gazing.

This Three King Ritual has a strong psychological component to it, and mirror madness as I like to call it, which I’ll get into. And when I say mirror gazing I mean turning off the lights, or having low light, and staring into a mirror for minutes – do this at your own risk. I’ll also be discussing a scientific article that discusses visual perception during mirror gazing with some interesting findings regarding those with depression and schizophrenia, plus their interactions with mirrors.

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Mirror Gazing Experiment:
Giovanni B. Caputo, Marco Bortolomasi, Roberta Ferrucci, Mario Giacopuzzi, Alberto Priori, and Stefano Zago, “Visual Perception during Mirror-Gazing at One’s Own Face in Patients with Depression,” The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2014, Article ID 946851, 4 pages, 2014.

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Episode 249