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Episode 372 – SFGT | Caught [Lovecraftian] | Core [Cryptid]

Episode 202

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Episode 372 – SFGT | Caught [Lovecraftian] | Core [Cryptid] Happy New Year everyone, next time I see you it’ll be 2019! *GASP*

Your two #creepy and unique stories today are:
Caught | 1:30

Core | 16:00
Author: Violent Harvest

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Topic: #Creepypasta #Lovecraft #Cryptid
A fisherman hates it when he has water in his boat, the feeling of it on his skin, but one day he discovers something unusual, an object of unknown curiosity…and power – an object that changes his humanity for ever. And creatures reside under the surface of our plain earth, and they hear the planets pain, pain that echo’s through the layers of earth, and into the molten veins beneath…to creatures whose wrath is about to be felt. So turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and get ready…to return to the creepy.

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you lovelies that listen to this episode during that time, and an brilliant year ahead full of stories!

Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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