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Episode 373 – SFGT | I Met the Rat King [Cryptid]

Episode 203

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Episode 373 – SFGT | I Met the Rat King [Cryptid]

I Met the Rat King
Author: Jameson Curnick
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Topic: #Creepypasta #Rats #Rat #Cryptid
A mysterious creature lives in the sewers of today’s story, the dominator of vermin, the bringer of skittering feet and scratching claws, the smell of sewage and mange, a creature of nightmarish visage. What is more mysterious are the rats that keep appearing on your lawn….tied….and merged together, into a mass of hellish fur and skin…that begs the question….why…..Welcome listeners to your story today The Rat King written by Jameson Curnick. A terrifying story that will leave you stocking up on Rat Poison for sure, or second guessing any scratching sounds in your house.

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