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Episode 371 – SFGT | Christmas Warning [Beware of Santa Claus]

Episode 201

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Episode 371 – SFGT | Christmas Warning [Beware of Santa Claus]

The Dark Woods Demon
Author: Stephanie Selby

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Topic: #Creepypasta #Christmas #Santa #Horror
Have you ever stayed up late as a kid to spot Santa? Sneak from out of your bed to spot that red fat guy who slips down your chimney, to catch him dropping of your presents? Well…count yourself LUCKY that you didn’t. Oh yes folk, Santa is very real….very really indeed. Welcome listeners to your final story for this year. I’m going to have a little break between now and the 2nd of January so I’ll have a lot of catch up to do after that point.

A HUGE MERRY CHRISTMAS LISTENERS! 😀 And If I don’t upload till New Year, have a faaaantastic New Year!

Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 201