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Episode 357 – SFGT | Mile 229 – Mysterious Number

Episode 187

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Mile 229 – Mysterious Number

Listener/Author: Violet Doe

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Have you ever had a number that appears constantly throughout your life? Number 7? Number 9? Number 229? What if that number changed your life, what if number 229 pulled and tugged at you wherever you went, a mystery, and a guiding reminder of the path you’re on. That number my friends is number 229. Welcome listeners to the mystery of Miles 229 by Violet Doe. Now once I finish this story, I want to hear what your thoughts are on the ending, because it’s purposely left open. This episode is explicit, and tackles adult themes, so not for little ears – but not at serious as my previous NSFW episodes. So sit back, turn up the sound, and pour yourself a delicious earl gray infused with the rich earthy smell and flavour of bergamot. Hmmmmm yum, and listen to a tale of much mystery.
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Episode 187