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Episode 358 – SFGT | My Roomates | The Pretty Bird [Animal Theme]

Episode 188

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Episode 358 – SFGT | My Roomates | The Pretty Bird [Animal Theme]
My Roommates | 1:00

Listener/Author: Shannon Higdon

The Pretty Bird | 13:25

Listener/Author: L0CKED334
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Topic: #Creepypasta #Animals #Scary

Have you ever had a friend or roommate that just had a way of convincing you to do something you knew was irrational? What about that girl friend or boy friend who coaxed you into doing something you knew was just, ludicrous? What if they could convince you to do the unthinkable? And a we encounter a “creepy” bird, with a unique…talent…let’s just say, he sees what us humans don’t.
Welcome listeners to your Wednesday dose of creepy and unique. Our first story My Roomates by Shannon Higdon is sure to have you our protagnists state of mind, and Pretty Bird by Locked334 will keep you interested. So turn off the lights, feed your birds, and lock your doors…
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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