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Episode 356 – SFGT | 12 True WTF Stories – Bizarre, Weird and Creepy

Episode 186

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12 True WTF Stories – Bizarre, Weird and Creepy
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Life is full of unexpected experiences – one minute you’re driving then next minute you’re watching a man burn alive. Or let’s say your working at raising money by selling candy bars to the locals around the apartment where you live…and you encounter a man…with complete disregard for how he greets his guests. Listeners, I have for you another Not Safe for Work / Kiddies or for little ears episode. 12 What the Fuck stories, ranging from bizarre, disturbing, and just downright awful. So before your weekend starts let’s listen to some very WTF NSFW tales…
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!
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Episode 186