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Episode #355 – SFGT | How to Survive in Hell 3/3 | Created by Force | Dog Tale | Dami & Jaino

Episode 185

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How to Survive in Hell 4/4 | Created by Force | Dog Do’s and Don’ts | Dami & Jaino
*EXPLICIT* Sexual Abuse – Animal Abuse – Adult Themes – Not for kiddies!
Storytimings and order:
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Topic: #Creepypasta #Survival #Suspense #SFGT

We learn more about the residents in hell, and garner further knowledge on how to survive is such a dangerous and accursed landscape, a child’s encounter a ghost that warns her of her doom, a book about dogs with a twist, and two lovers whose twisted desires leads to a…high impact ending. Welcome listeners to your dose of creepy. Today’s story lineup are 100% not for children’s ears – the stories on today’s episode cover rape, sexual abuse, dismemberment, and extremely adult themes – do not have your children listen to this episode it’s not for kiddies; as much as I love the listens, if you got kids, skip it. Strap yourself in and climb aboard the one way ticket to Hell!
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 185