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Episode 346 – SFGT | The Brothers Grimm – Fundervogel and The Valiant Little Tailor

Episode 176

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The Brothers Grimm – Fundervogel and The Valiant Little Tailor

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A child is stolen by a bird begins life anew with another family, little does he know what dreadful fate lies waiting for him, and a little Tailor sets off on an adventure after killer 7 with one stroke. Welcome listeners to Brothers Grimm week, and both these stories, translated from German into English, are ready for your lovely ears.
Now last episode I mentioned that The Golden Bird story was unique? Well two listeners StarEve2099 and Devonte got it right; The Golden Bird story is tied directly to the episode with “The Bird “Grip”. Both stories shared similar characters, and storylines, but with slight difference – Devonte explains this well: the is story very similar to an the previous story with small but unimportant differences like kings sons, and in the Golden Bird the king is greedy for the gold, rather than in the recent story where the king was sick and needed the bird’s healing song.
It’s always fascinating when these crossovers take place and how much the Brothers Grimm borrowed versus what they created / tweaked. Now in usual Brothers Grimm fashion, there’s may be some strange dialogue, or odd phrasing, but once you get past that, a unique story is to be found.
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 176