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Episode 345 – SFGT | The Brothers Grimm – The Golden Bird & Jorinda and Jorindel

Episode 175

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The Brothers Grimm – The Golden Bird & Jorinda and Jorindel

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Have you heard a tale so dark, so morbid that it’s sin, well feast your ears on something different, something dark within, there are stories here that lie in wait, just for your ghastly ears, that’s right my ghouls, my gracious guest it’s time for brothers Grimm! Yes folks it’s Brothers Grimm story time and I’m have for you The Golden Bird and Jorinda and Jorindel.
Now…for my veteran listeners, listen to first story carefully, because I want to know if you pick up anything…familiar. I’ll reveal it next episode but I want to you really listen to the narrative in this one and find out what so special about it, no hints, because it would give it away. But if you can let me know why The Golden Bird is special to this Podcast, let me know in the comments
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 175