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Episode 347 – SFGT | Snow-White and Rose-Red and Cat-Skin – The Brothers Grimm

Episode 177

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The Brothers Grimm – Snow-White and Rose-Red and Cat-Skin

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Topic: #Grimm #Lore #Folk #German

Today we will discover that #dwarfs are such angry creatures, and how cruel they truly are, whilst we discover a secret hidden by a princess, set to marry..her father. Welcome listeners to Brother Grimm week and I have for you two tales, Snow White and Rose Red, a tale of two sisters, and Cat-Skin.
Iโ€™ve also noticed that most of the Brothers Grimm stories have abrupt endings, and it could just be the style at the time, but the way these stories end always has me thinking โ€œhuhโ€ฆokay then!โ€ let me know what you think though. So pour yourself a delicious hot tea, get all cozy, and I shall share a story with thee.
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 177