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Episode 177 – SFGT | SCP-139389 | The Crunched Up Paper House [Creepypasta]

Episode 8

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SCP-139389 & The Crunched Up Paper House [Creepypasta]
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Author: ullahshy
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Author: Kyle Brant
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Welcome Listeners! Today I have both an #SCP by Kyle Brant and a #Creepypasta by ullahshy. Our SCP is an original, not following cannon SCP regulation but a brilliant SCP homage by Kyle Brant, I can’t share more than that, otherwise it won’t be mysterious! And our second story The Crunched Up Paper House is a #creepypasta covering a very interesting concept, about time, space, and paper balls.
So grab a hot beverage and get ready, for something…different.
Thank you so much for listening!
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Episode 8