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Episode 178 – SFGT | Old Time Radio 1938 – Murder Castle [Redux]

Episode 9

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Old Time Radio 1938 – Murder Castle

Welcome Listeners! TodayI have an Old Timey Radio episode just for you πŸ˜€ I’ll be taking you back to 1938 to Murder Castle, which is the first episode I’m doing that involves old school radio horror that you just wouldn’t normally see. This curation is based of Andy Tate who recommended this episode.
My goal is to bring them to your ears and master the quality of the audio the best that I can. If you like the episode let me know, if you hate it, also let me know XD that way I can work on it. Will be working harder to bring these episodes up to scratch regarding audio quality.
So grab a hot beverage and get ready, for something…different.
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Thank you so much for listening!
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Episode 9