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Earl Grey Enforcer Episode #2 – MaceJoe | SCP-001 [Part 1]

Episode 262

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Secure Contain Protect | SCP-001
Earl Grey Enforcer Episode – Macejoe
**EXPLICIT Content* – Adult Themes and language


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Welcome listeners to a special episode. This episode is dedicated to Macejoe my second Earl Gray Enforcer – with a request for their favourite SCP.

Mates, it was my pleasure to narrate this piece of SCP in all it’s creepiness and strangeness, the blobs that consume…and I’ll be finishing this one off later as well ๐Ÿ˜› so rest assured listeners, you’ll hear the full story. Stay tuned folks, to listen to this Secure Contain Protect classic. This reminds me of “The Thing” and old film favourite of mine.

Thank you, Macejoe for your support and I dedicate this episode to you!

Cheers for listening to the Podcast mates!

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Episode 262