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Earl Gray Enforcer Episode #1 – Lorraine Cresanto – Let’s Not Meet Stories

Episode 253

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Let’s Not Meet – Four Creepy Stories
Earl Gray Enforcer Episode – Lorraine Cresanto
**EXPLICIT Content* – Adult Themes and language

1: What if I drunk it?

2: I was hunted in the woods at night

3: Anonymous

4: Creepy Tried to convince me to drive around with him in his car

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Welcome listeners to a special episode. This episode is dedicated to Lorraine Cresanto my first Earl Gray Enforcer ever, and has my utmost gratitude. When I first received her mah lady’s patronage, I was and still am by the way, over the moon. I showed my pals, and spread the word that I was amazed a lovely listener would support the show. You, made my, day, and my week – and your donation continues to do so. I just made an Earl Gray right now and I drink this tea in your honour.

Thank you, Lorraine Cresanto.

Cheers for listening to the Podcast mates!

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Episode 253