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602: Let’s Not Meet Stalker – Three Encounters and Stalker Analysis

Episode 439

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Welcome listeners to your Wednesday episode, where I’ll be sharing three true encounters of the Let’s Not Meet kind. If you have never heard of Let’s Not Meet, these are accounts of real encounters and near misses of people being harassed, almost being abducted, stalked, or abused in some manner. Let’s Not Meet stories from my perspective are not about entertainment, but rather lessons learned, and means for people to think through the situation themselves when hearing these encounters.
Ask yourselves these kinds of questions:
• What would I have done?
• What are the risks in taking that action?
• Will that action generate more risk or less?
• What are the first steps to take when in situations like these?
People ask these questions all the time, and depending on your environment, those questions can mean life or death. Before I jump into today’s episode, a big thank you to Chickpea_2020, Ihatebadmovies, and poppyjunee for allowing me to share your encounters.
At the end of these three stories I’ll be going through What to do if you are being stalked, and just some insights from others on the do’s and don’t’.
Story #1: R/LetsNotMeet Saved me from a predator by Chickpea_2020
Story #2: Internet Friend Obsessed with me for 3 years by Ihatebadmovies
Story #3: Online Fan turned Stalker by poppyjunee
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Episode 439