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Episode 384 – SFGT | Let’s Not Meet – Night Critter | Biking Brush | Carol | Mystery Stalkers

Episode 214

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Episode 384 – Let’s Not Meet – Night Critter | Biking Brush | Carol | Mystery Stalkers
*EXPLICIT – Adult Themes, Stalker Content*

Title: The Stalker in my Neighbourhood
Author: Critter in the Night
Timing: 1:30

Title: The Bike Path Murderer
Author: moleha1995
Timing: 7:45

Title: Carol
Author: wynkenblnkennod
Timing: 11:00

Title: After my Cousin went to jail
Author: Arisen925
Timing: 17:45
Link: N/A

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Something lurks in the middle of a warzone environment that sees two eyes burned into his memory forever, a simple encounter turns into a brush with death, a woman who seems like she has issues…does, and the relatives of the “Polite Bandit” are followed by mysterious people. Welcome listeners to some more let’s not meet stories.

Four true, let’s not meet stories to get under your skin, keep you guessing, and thinking… wow….there are people out there like that. Right now I’m enjoying my gingerbread latte, and sinking my teeth into these stories, so turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for something…unique.

Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 214