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514: Let’s Not Meet Reddit – Abduction, Abusive, and Awful | True Stories 🔪

Episode 350

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EPISODE 514: Let’s Not Meet Reddit – Abduction, Abusive, and Awful | True Stories
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*EXPLICIT* Not for little ears! 👂 Death, Sexual Abuse, Adult Themes
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Welcome you lovelies, it’s a Friday, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into today’s stories. Today I bring you five Let’s Not Meet, true stories. Firstly, this episode is Not for little ears and contains explicit content that is not safe for work. Today’s true stories covering themes such as sexual abuse, abduction, verbal and physical abuse, assault, homophobia and more terrifying themes.
Each of these stories brings with it a learning, a warning, and insight in how messed up this world can get. A huge thank you to those that have allowed me to narrate their stories – for those that are not remaining anonymous, I’ll include your credit in this episodes notes
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1. Flowers and a bag of prawns with a dash of stalking, refusing to let me leave on a first meeting. Never want to see this guy again- inconvenientsilence
2. The smiling stranger – Ushudhavebeenaborted
3. My dog knew something was happening – Terriere
4. Grindr horror story – Anonymous
5. I’m a tattoo artist and that welcomes a plethora of creeps – gwentattoos
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Episode 350