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510: Drunk Tank | Morbid and Macabre Series – Part 1 [Creepypasta]

Episode 346

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[iTunes Review:]Lands ravaged by a man made plague. What was once edible now toxic to human consumption. A world were humanity is torn apart from within, where men and woman are corrupted into their most fearful states of mind and depravity. And a women loses a child, stolen by the fruits of the lands themselves, whose life she mourns forever after. Welcome listeners to your two tales from Drunk Tank. This is Part 1 of the more morbid tales that I’m covering, and these stories are the works of author: EmpyrealInvective.

Listeners this is not for little ears, not even remotely. And covers adult themes and trigger topics such as rape, abuse, sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts, and infant death.

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Episode 346