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511: Drunk Tank | Father Stoker and Regina Schwartz – Part 2

Episode 347

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A man huddles within himself, seeking for solace a midst his faith. Seeking refuge in a town of abusers, and a city of criminals. This man, was once a leader, a respectable human being that communities would rally by. But the corruption of alcohol is limitless in this world. Inescapable are it’s tendrils and vice like grip on the psyke of Earths populace. We witness a man become a twisted branch before our very eyes in Father Stoker. A girl born from a family with problems.
A father and mother who argue, sure, who hasn’t argued with someone they’ve loved, but the world has changed, and it does not leave children in the shade, away from the plight of adults…oh no.

They are seeds that grow in a corrupted landscape, and although she appears to be unaffected, it’s the subtly of the lands affects on the mind of children that show the depths of it’s corruption, in Regina Leah Swartchz.
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Episode 347