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509: The Black Museum | Killing Bathtub and The Gladstone Bag [Orson Welles]

Episode 345

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[iTunes Review:]Welcome listeners to 2020! It’s goooood to be back. So, so good. For those of you wondering I’ve been for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been in Singapore! Hopping from mall to mall, going to day and night time zoo’s, walking 20,000 steps a day (I’m puffed out just saying that), and enjoying the parks they have there. I spent my last week with Family and Friends during new years, and ate what I felt was my body weight in ice cream, ribs, and seafood. It’s been a crazy fun year for me, and especially the Podcast.

Patreon supporters supporting the podcast with iTunes reviews, and monthly donations from $1 through to $140 per month, support that I simply would NEVER have guessed be heading my way. 

A level of appreciation that has be bewildered every time I think about it. So I’m so late, but HAPPY NEW Year, and let’s listen to new creepy tales, brand new remastered Old Time Radio episodes, and kick it like we always do – in comfort, style, and kindness…I feel like I should be selling mattresses with that phrase. 

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Episode 345