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508: H.P. Lovecraft The Alchemist | Five Minute Mystery [Special OTR]

Episode 344

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Well listeners, it’s almost the end of 2019, and I wanted to break my normal routine for this episode to say to all of you, whether you are a Patreon donator of this podcast, or a listener on the other end that just enjoys listening to the stories I tell, that I am so grateful for your support. It’s been a really fantastic year, I’ve had the pleasure of releasing over 500 episodes, over 1 million downloads and counting, new collaborations, and an improved show,
I have all of you to thank for that. This would not have been possible without people like you listening, and supporting me with episode downloads. To the current 12 Patreons that support this show, thank you for taking the time to provide support, your direct donations are shaping it to what it will become – I’ve been able to purchase new software to remaster old time radio episodes, obtain a great mic to output higher quality recordings, and in one month you help me pay for the subscription to host this Podcast – all of you are just fantastic.

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Source: H.P. Lovecraft | The Alchemist
Five Minute Mystery Old Time Radio


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Episode 344