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487: The Thought! Uptown Express Memories | Haunting Hour πŸ“»

Episode 321

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Do you listen to premonitions? Do you change your fate due to a existence you live in the future? A set of old time radio episodes to keep you thinking…
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Welcome listeners to your Monday Moxie of Old Time Radio Episodes, remastered, cleaned up (as much as possible) for your lovely ears. Your first tale involves a magicians premonition, and he shares a thought that leads a woman down a path that she’d rather not follow, but it seems it can’t be helped in the episode titled The Thought.
And our second tale Uptown Express, is a glimpse into another reality, one that our protagonist either happy to have lived or regretted to have endured in Uptown Express. Both these particular episodes mates were…curly. Yikes, a looooot of repair. The first episode was difficult, a lot of strange high pitch sounds cutting into the audio, rough. The second tale is much better but required a different kind of care, pitch and clarity edits for that one.
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Episode 321