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486: Truly a Demons Den and Check your Shadows [Demons Tales]

Episode 320

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Demons lying in wait…just to consume your soul when the darkness around you is looking to do just the same…
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There is something in this house, darkness, seeking to take the soul of another. Dark magic that lingers, seeking an opportunity for a young soul, but will it have the chance. And you’ll not look at your shadow the same way, but of course, you’re not afraid of your shadow…are you? Welcome listeners to two fresh tales, ready for your lovely ears. I’m feeling a lot better, thank you so much listeners for your support in getting me mentally fighting fit, and today’s episode is to ease back into sharing these tales. The entire week I’ve been essentially sleeping and recovering so it’s great to be back.
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1: Demons Den by MonicaMishra0607
2: Afraid of your own Shadow by Shinigami.Eyes

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Episode 320