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485: The Night is the Weapon [Night Beat – New Series of Old Time Radio]

Episode 319

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When Darkness is the tool of the killer, much is left…to madness…
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Welcome listeners! Today I have for you another Old Time Radio, because my body is on the fritz – pretty ill with muscle aches and what not. Not a fun at all! So seeing as I’m in bed sleeping it off mostly I wanted to listen to some Old Time Radio episodes that many have overlooked, and I stumbled across “Night Beat”. Night Beat essentially is a detective/cop anthology series with Frank Lovejoy. The acting is on point, despite the audio quality being questionable at time. Did all I could to remaster it, so I hope you love it.
Lines that I enjoyed in this episode:

– So key lines I took out of this episode is:

– No let’s not close the door just yet, let’s open it all the way

– A bead of sweet zig zagging down my face like it’s go nowhere else to go

– A sturdy living man, tormented by his childhood

– A nerve deep in my throat started jangling like a burglar alarm

– Some of my best friends have morales
I’m off to catch some 💤💤💤 will see you Friday when I’m fighting fit!
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Episode 319