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484: Homicide House and To Date | Mystery, Mischief, Miscreants! [Haunting Hour]

Episode 318

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Homicide House and To Date | Mystery, Mischief, Miscreants! [Haunting Hour]
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Welcome listeners, your tale teller hear straight from a post box in the 1940’s. I’ve sent you all some tapes see, it’ll read Haunting House Vault, don’t bust your chops trying to it these bad boys is some cheesey player, put it in your cassette player to see what’s what. You first tape, side A will have Homicide House and tale of conspiracy, and murder, of whose who getting the bum wrap. Side B of that tape is 11 to Date, a complex conspiracy of miss direction, insinuation, mimicry, and moxy, sure to have you on the beam.
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Episode 318