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488: Don’t buy Ouija Boards | Probably Just a Friend? | Always Leave a Note

Episode 322

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Ouija Boards haunt a youth, friends…that break into friends houses? And it’s polite to leave a note…
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When a youth watches a movie and decides to buy a Oujia board they unknowingly enlist their thoughts, their souls, to a game (as they call it) for life, and we are shared such a tale in Okay, Maybe I should’ve never Bought it by Haylsxo. You hear a crack, and snap of your window beside you…what on earth could it be…is your first thought “It’s probably a friend”, well…certainly not right? A true story shared by RedRockEatingMonster. A child seeks to be reunited with their loving parent, but they’re simply not ready to see them heheh, in Always Leave a Note by GloomCats – that one folks will have you looking over your shoulder
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1: Okay, maybe I should’ve never bought it by haylsxo


3: Always Leave a Note by Gloomcats


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Episode 322