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Episode 460 – SFGT | Double Entry – Remastered [SUSPENSE!] 📻 😷

Episode 294

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Double Entry – Remastered [SUSPENSE!] 📻 😷
~ The Tale Teller hath caughteth a cold! But none shall stop thine from bringing you an awesome oldeth radio show!


#1: Matthew J Bower

#2: Maya

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Two friends discuss finances, and one of them starts getting the sweats…Sam, the fair haired the goody twoshoes, is involved in criminal activities.
Stocks plummeting, and so where Sam’s savings…so what’s the answer here? More….gambling right? Right…on horse….called Altruism, heh, what an apt name indeed.
So I gots ta think – if I can’t talk, I’ll sit quietly and edit an Old Time Radio episode just for you. So I bring you “Double Entry” recorded on December the 12th 1945, and seeing as I ain’t tawkin, I put extra moxie into the remastering of this episode – turning it from strictly Dixie, to killer diller. This is special thank you to my two White Tea Warlords – Matthew J Bower and Maya and my Earl Grey Patreons who I couldn’t leave high and dry. Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday swinging some chilling tales around. As always folks, till next week meet

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Episode 294