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Episode 459 – SFGT | Obsidian Quill, Book of Names, and Howling Beaks

Episode 293

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Obsidian Quill, Book of Names, and Howling Beaks | Creepy stories!
The black quill of judgement, the book whose names give power, and the howling those with beaks….

The Black Quill:
The Howling of the Beaks – The Minister of Fear



#1: Matthew J Bower

#2: Maya

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What’s on today…high strangeness….

There is an Obsidian Quill in our world, and with every stroke does it weigh upon it’s author. Each press, and drag made by it’s unknowing master…it judges…and it executes. A book exists whose power draws in unsuspecting souls, fooling them to become the executioner, the handle, and…the blades edge. And a stale of a mysterious woman…a town who ignores her plight, and the clan of howling beaks that echo through the night.
Welcome my lovely listeners, for three creepylicious tales, cultured and read for your lovely ears. May you be goblins of the night, demons in the darkness, turn up your radio, and let’s scare those little bastards…


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Episode 293