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Episode 453 – SFGT | The Red Sky The Wailer and the Waterfall [Cryptids]

Episode 286

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Three Cryptid Tales: The Red Sky The Wailer and the Waterfall
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Some stories are just that, stories…some are told though as warnings to be heard and respected. When these stories are ridiculed, ignored, and scoffed at, one should prepare for the consequences of that disrespect…there’s a noise in the forest and it follows you through the woods, it’s so quite out here, really…really quite…and you start wonder why the birds aren’t chirping, and the trees stand still…ensure that you’re watching carefully for the shadows on those woods.
Don’t be foolhardy when exploring the woods, a simple date can take you places whose echo’s are that of pain, screams of agony, and voices lost in the darkest recesses of the woods.
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Episode 286