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Episode 452 – SFGT | Stories Artificial: Invented Narratives of an AI

Episode 285

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Stories Artificial: Invented Narratives of an AI – Creative writing by a machine with deep learning and neural mappings!
Talk to Transformer:

Created by Adam King
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What’s on today: AI Generated Stories
Welcome listeners!

Today’s stories are the makings of a machine using those processes, and, I had a lot of fun doing this. I spent a good time laughing and you’ll hear me laughing during my recordings of this AI aided insanity. Because these technologies are still being developed, and they use the internet to feed their knowledge – for better or worse. And when asked to produce narratives they create hilarious outcomes sometimes. In this case the technology I used was “Talk to Transformer”, where the user starts the story, and the robot finishes it. Here were my starting plot sentences:
1. Arron the cheese wizard was defending his fort made of crackers
2. A sentient bucket is attacked by ants and defends itself with water to kill the ants
3. The Cheese Wizard with a fort of crackers
4. A gorilla robs a bank in Pennsylvania and shot twice in the left arm. Whilst escaping he’s tracked by a wolf cop bent on his capture.
5. A small bug lands on a bunny’s nose

a magical bug lands on a rough, worn out shoe, giving it powers.
6. A sausage discovers that it has the power to consume berries, and use them as a fuel source
7. Be happy and not sad
Now, turn up the sound, plug into your pc, and experience some truly bizarre and out of this world tales.
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Episode 285