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Episode 426 – SFGT | I Found a Laptop connected to the Deep Web

Episode 257

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I Found a Laptop connected to the Deep Web – Deep Web Creepy Story

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1: I Found a Laptop connected to the Deep Web
Author: Mike Maxim

Topic: #Reddit #DarkWeb #Creepy #Storytelling #Fiction #Podcast
A mysterious laptop lies in the corner of a café you routinely visit, discovered on one such routine trips designed to clear you mind and focus on the tasks at hand. Then, the see the laptop, your curiosity pushes you forward…who’s could it be.

You realise that it’s customised to some extent, and leagues a head of your own equipment, what do you do? Do you take it? Do you return it to he counter as lost property…guess which one of those choices is the right one… Welcome listeners to today’s tale – I found a laptop connected to the Dark Web, written by Mike Maxim. When a found laptop opens a doorway into a slice of life…that’s ready to take a slice out of you. Turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for something different.

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Episode 257