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Episode 424 – SFGT | Letters from my Cat – Theft! A Cat Crush | Deadly Soap

Episode 256

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Episode 424 – SFGT | Letters from my Cat – Theft! A Cat Crush | Deadly Soap
[EXPLICIT – Not for Little Ears / Children. Contains Sexual Abuse and Adult Themes]

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Letters from my Cat:
Author: Helen Maria Hunt Jackson

Topic: #Letters #Cat #Cats #Audiobook #Storytelling
What if a Cat could write? What do you think it would write? Perhaps, “Bring back food or else” heh well in today’s episode a Cat writes to it’s own in a series of letters, from the book “Letters from my Cat”. This is a continuation of a previous episode where I cover off the very first letter – here we witness the adventures of this cat where she notices potential robbers, falls a little bit for another cat, and finds something else that she hates worse than water. Mates this is a lighter set of tales to ease you in to a weekend of relaxation, so turn the sound up, get cosy, and reach out to your inner, cat self.

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Episode 256