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Episode 353 – SFGT | The Pit and the Pendulum – Old Time Radio “Suspense”

Episode 183

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“Suspense” The Pit and the Pendulum

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A man is on trial for a horrendous act…..but…we know not what that act is. We hear his story and we see the decent of a man into pure utter madness… and watch a condemned man struggle with his thoughts, and the method of his death. There is also a man with a pendulum, cells swarming with vermin, and we learn that our condemned man…the man on trail is Captain Dalbree, sentenced…no…doomed….to a terrible…terrible death, guided…by his love Beatrice…but is she…really there?
We witness a man struggle with fear, isolation, and a prison both in his mind…and perhaps also in the pit where he resides…a pit….a dungeon…that mooooves, that shifts, that changes…….a terrible decent into darkness that consumes all those in the pit.
So get comfortable and listen to today’s Old Time Radio Suspense show – remastered for your lovely ears.
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 183