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Episode 350 – SFGT | “Suspense” The Kettler Method [Remastered]

Episode 180

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“Suspense” The Kettler Method [Remastered]
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Insanity, paranoia, and false dreams overwhelm a doctor…twisting his talents into pure madness, so much so that he doesn’t recognise friends, lusting for the cold cutting chance for his scalpel to touch the soft flesh of his vict….I mean patient…..Welcome listeners, it is episode 350 and I wanted to bring back an episode type that I haven’t done for a while, Suspense from the Old Time Radio variety. I have cleaned this one up, there’s no scratching, there no ear gouging, it’ll be a smoooooth experience, just for your lovely listeners. Suspense aired from June 1942 through to September 1962 with over 900 episodes recorded. That’s 900 opportunities to let their audience know to buy war bonds, and ionised yeast.
A big thank you to for this wonderfully recorded Suspense episode. If you want more go check out, then search for Suspense The Radio show. You’ll get a mix really well mastered episodes and some that require significant support. You can even read the scripts from their website links. I’ll add them in the show notes so you can check them out.
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 180