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Episode 349 – SFGT | The History of Halloween – What is Halloween/Samhain and more!

Episode 179

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Research Episode
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Topic: #Halloween #Samhain #History
Welcome listeners, and it’s Halloween! The time for celebrations across maaaany cultures. And today I share the story of Halloween itself. Today, I’m going to jump head first into what makes Halloween what it is today. It’s time for a research episode. I’m going to covering off some pretty key topics about what Halloween is, what it is to me, Halloweens cultural roots, and the merging of two key cultures Christianity and Celtic tradition that created what modern Halloween is right now. Alongside all of this, I’ll exploring Samhain, the Pagan Gods, and aspects of Halloween that we enjoy but may not really know where they originate from, such as trick or treating, pumpkins, and dressing up.
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Episode 179