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569: Another Kind of Evil by KillaHawke1 | Back on the Mend! [Creepypasta]

Episode 406

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569: Another Kind of Evil | Back on the Mend! [Creepypasta]
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Good morning or Good evening you little gems. Today Iโ€™m bringing you a tale straight from the Creepy vault titled: Another Kind of Evil by KillaHawke1. A tale of abduction, murder, mystery, and cult-like brutality โ€“ this creepy tale has it all my friends. For those lovelies that emailed me to wish me well and to get better, thank you so much. I even had an amazing supporter of mine offer me a back rub which at this point I would gladly accept.
For those that missed the previous episode I was moving this beast of a mattress and I decided it was smart to lift and twist..whilst in a confined and awkward space โ€“ bam, I pull a muscle. So right now Iโ€™ve got a heat back on my side like some old fart, and am pushing through the pain. In saying that I canโ€™t sit in the same position for too long at the moment which is why Iโ€™m holding off on the mini-stories, believe it or not it adds a fair bit of time and my endurance at the moment is low.
I am getting better though, and I hope I can get back into the swing of things by Friday with the mini thank you stories.
Okay, now for your tale, turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for something creepy.
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Another Kind of Evil written by KillaHawke1
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Episode 406