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568: The Axe and the Inheritance | Crime Classics [Tale Teller vs Mattress]

Episode 405

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568: The Axe and the Inheritance | Crime Classics [Tale Teller vs Mattress]
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Welcome listeners to your Old Time Radio episode, this time your episode comes straight from the Classic Crime Series. Each and every episode of this series is unique – whether it be a strange narrative, odd characters, or unusual dialogue, Classic Crime episodes never fail to entertain. And this this case, all three categories are ticked. Now before I share this remastered episode, which turned out exceptionally well from the Classic Crime series, I just want to let you know that your Tale Teller won’t be sharing any mini-tales or thank you’s today because although I am proficient with narration and storytelling, I’m lacking in the fine art of “lifting mattresses into vans”.
Long story short, I loaded a mattress into my van, but is larger than the available space, so your Tale Teller thinking “he’s got this” pushes, and pushes, and then realising that there is just a little more space, hops around the back to pull it….problem is, the space I’m in is a strange acute angle…one sharp pull leads to one sharp pulled muscle – the iliopsoas muscle in fact, on my left side. Mate…it hurts bad…and even reaching for my Microphone has me wincing guys and gals – yeah I really did a number on myself.
So…I’m going to literally sleep this one off, and be back with you Wednesday fighting fit I hope. The joy’s of giving a mattress away to those you love hahah. Any who, forget about me you lovelies, and enjoy your handcrafted and remastered episode. I promise the thank you’s will be back next episode provided I’m well. Ciao for now.
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The Axe and the Inheritance

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Episode 405