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563: The Black Museum – The Raincoat by Orsen Welles | Old Time Radio 📻

Episode 400

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563: The Black Museum – The Raincoat by Orsen Welles | Old Time Radio
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A small sponge….and wooden spoon…and a matchstick…what do they share in common…weapons…of muuuurder. Yes my lovelies it’s your Monday Mastered Old Time Radio episode, straight from the Black Museum vault, narrated, remastered, and broadcasted to your lovely ears. Today your story has an unusual ending, one that I’ve not encountered in any OTR yet, till now. Your episode title is – The Raincoat.
I spent extra time on this episode, because the noise was significantly high, but nonetheless I was able to strip that out, with some patience. Alongside this Orsen Wells voice was producing strange high pitch clicks, so I’ve curtailed them as well. Take a listen of the before – and after – pretty different outputs for certain. That aside, turn the sound up, and get cozy, and enjoy a drama all the way from 1940’s.
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Episode 400