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564: Doorway to Destruction and Poems [Almost back!] | Tale Teller feelin a li’l better.

Episode 401

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564: Doorway to Destruction and Poems [Almost back!] | Tale Teller feelin a li’l better.
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Welcome back listeners to your storytelling Podcast. I’m sitting about 70% wellness at this point, and I’m on the mend. Thank all of you for the well wishes mates, and talk about unlucky timing. I get sick, and then the rain over here in Australia, WA, is just bucketing. Now normally, I can cut out rain…but this was a downpour, so if the audio sounds a little curly that’ll be why.
In today’s episode I bring you Doorway to Destruction, by Garold Hatfield. The tag line of this story is – It was the Doorway to Earth’s Destruction. And Kelvin Martin, the only man who could lock it—had lost the key. Written in 1942 it within the public domain and ready to be read. So I can’t wait to share it with you all. Also, I’ve picked some more poems for you lovelies, as I wanted to shake it up a bit.
Lastly, because I’m still quite ill, and may have over did it in today’s episode – but doing this podcast is what I love, some I guess that can happen. So in saying that, I’ll not be signing out but getting some much needed rest, but wanted to thank all of my Patreon supporters right now, because I don’t want to go another episode without high fiving those awesome people that support me.
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Episode 401