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679: 3X MEGA Remastered Sherlock Holmes | Canary Trainer | Flanders Field | Limping Ghost

Episode 516

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3X MEGA Remastered Sherlock Holmes | Canary Trainer | Flanders Field | Limping Ghost
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πŸ“» Welcome my Titans, Warlords, Enforcers, and all my new listeners, to your Wednesday mega TRIO of Sherlock Holmes episodes. Not one, not two, but three remastered episodes back to back. Your line up today is, The Notorious Canary Trainer, In Flanders Field, and The Limping Ghost. Each of these episodes though, had their own unique challenges – and were more difficult than most. The first and last had blips and crackling, with MAJOR spikes in their audio – and some spikes remained in the final output, but were significantly culled so your ears are still intact. You’ll hear them, they are kind of like a β€œwarping” of audio – the more I strip out though, the higher risk of damage to the audio – so I keep it as clean as I can, without doing so.
β˜• Listeners, let’s enjoy a set of three remastered Sherlock Holmes tales, straight from the past, just for your lovely ears.
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Episode 516