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492: Cursed Whistler | The Art of Jacob Emory | Crossing the Swamp [New Earl Grey Enforcer]

Episode 326

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When the whistler is close you’ll hear his call from afar, when your art comes to life does it seek to destroy, and when you walk through the swamp do you memories haunt you…
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A boy, cursed by the hatred that runs in his heart, cast out, and cursed. The tale of a man whose insatiable want to explore and learn sees him stumble onto an artefacts with great power and great consequence. And a Swamp brings memories that are all too consuming to the mind of those that move through it. Welcome listeners to your stories, in order: El Silbon, The Man Who Whistles, The Art of Jacob Emory by Peterdivine, and Crossing the Swamp by Banned in CP.
Now today I have a wonderfully awesome surprise. Mate I have a new Patreon support in the Earl Grey Enforcer tier. Crickey mates, I want you all to welcome Robert Fisher as my near Earl Grey Enforcer. Raise your glasses of tea, and let’s drink in their honour. And I want to take this opportunity to drink in every supporter of this shows honour, you really make a difference to this Podcast, immensely so. Thank your Robert Fisher, and welcome to the team.
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1: El Silbon/The Man Who Whistles

2: “The Art of Jacob Emory” by Peterdivine
3: “Crossing the Swamp” by Banned In CP

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Episode 326