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491: Halloween Special: The Ouija Board (Something Different)

Episode 325

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🎃🎃Halloween Special: The Ouija Board Research🎃🎃
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Halloween Special – The Ouija Board

Welcome listeners to your Halloween / Samhain episode. As usual I do episodes for these times of the year, and today it’s all about Ouija Boards. I’m going dive straight in today’s topic, starting with a breakdown on what I’m covering.

• What IS a Ouija board

• When was it first created, how it’s created, who designed it, and when did it come about.

• Research on unique facts regarding the Ouija board

• Lastly taking a Supernatural Stance: The Rules of using the Ouija Board – both modern and, the way it was originally described.
**Note – Sorry for delay, I had a power outage and could only upload the show now!!** Thanks for your patience.
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Episode 325