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Japanese Folk Stories with Thersa Matsuura Host of Uncanny Japan Podcast

Episode 338

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๐ŸฃSPECIAL EPISODE ๐Ÿ™ Thersa Matsuura the host of Uncanny Japan Podcast!
โœWhat’s on todayโœ

Welcome listeners a new Japanese folktale episode, and itโ€™s a special one. I do these stories from time to time, to get a glimpse into not only a different period of time when these stories where told, but a completely different culture, providing a unique storytelling experience. Talking rabbits, giant ogres, murderous raccoons and children being born out of peaches, ah yes, Japanese folktales are awesome. And on top of these awesome tales Iโ€™ve bring you lovelies a special surprise, I bring you the host of the UncannyJapan Podcast,
Thersa Matsuura to share her unique voice on today’s episode.

Iโ€™m stoked to have the opportunity to work with her, having also been a long time listener of her Podcast myself itโ€™s such a special opportunity, one that I hope will be special for all of you to. Thersaโ€™s Podcast is focused on everything Japanese that is mythical, folklore, and cryptid orientated, with various kinds of storytelling research topics, plus sooo much more.
Thersa is a super talented author, fluent in Japanese, and has a wonderfully soothing voice that makes her style perfect for Podcasts. Be sure to check her Podcast out, see the links below.
Enjoy and thank you for listening!
Listen to her first episode:

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Episode 338