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Episode 471 – SFGT | I SEE GHOSTS! & The Bird of Death [Remsatered]

Episode 306

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I SEE GHOSTS! & The Bird of Death [Remsatered]
~ Conspiracy’s, murder, mystery and…birds?
2: The Bird of Death!



🌟 #1: Matthew J Bower 🌟

πŸŽ‰ #2: Maya πŸŽ‰

πŸ’€ #3: Divided by Zir0 πŸ’€

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Welcome listeners to your Old Time Radio, remastered episode straight from the vault. Nothing quite like these classics to start your Monday’s right? Now, your first episode is titled I See Ghosts – where our protagonists wonders, is he going mad?….is he seeing ghosts…he just can’t seem to shake that vision…maybe he is?
And our second episode is The Bird of Death, when greed overcomes an individual, there is no telling what they’ll do, no telling…who they’ll betray. This second episode is from the Haunting Hour series, and is the first episode from this series that you’ll here on this channel. I hope you enjoy it because there are loads more of these to come – and they are of such quality that I can really flex my skillset in this space to having sound so much better.
Enjoy your brilliant listeners! 😱

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Episode 306